5 Social Media Habits That Can Help You In Weight Loss

Are you planning to lose weight? Then stay active on social media. Researchers have proved that the more time you spend on your social media accounts, the more you are prone to lose weight.

When someone is busy scrolling on buzz feed or checking latest updates on the personal social accounts, it is not lazing. You can now actively involve yourself in your Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media accounts and still lose few pounds. The various studies had proved that online interaction or online involvement of different forms can cut your carbs easily.

Here are 5 social media habits that can help you in weight loss:

1. Follow calorie food pages:

If you are a foodie and want to experiment new tastes, then go online and like various pages and blogs that displays beautifully decorated, yummy, high-calorie content food. Researchers have proved that such exposure to virtual food may exacerbate your hunger to a large extent. Seeing mouth-watering photos will reduce your satisfaction when you eat in real.

Calorie food

2. Create your group:

A healthy support from your peers can actually help you in attaining your goals faster. Forget about your Friday buddies or family members who insist you to compromise on your diet schedule. It is the time now that you should create your self-liking group who encourages you and maintain healthy competition.  Tweet your updates regularly so that you can also track them and feel happy about it.

3. Post your photos regularly:

This is actually a good inspirational habit that can encourage you to stay on the weight loss process. When your friends find you slimmer and fit compared to your previous photographs, you receive applauses from them. A regular posting of your photos on social media like Facebook can actually help you in reducing more.

Post your weight loss pics

4. Share your experiences and encourage others:

Your experiences when shared become your encouragement. When you are following a diet plan, you might have faced many problems that would have disappointed you to give up.  A weight loss process comprises of many ups and downs and one should be strong enough to stick to it. When you write down and share your experiences with other beginners on social media, it will also encourage you to hold upon to yours.

Share your weight loss experiences

5. Maintain diet apps:

There are various apps that can measure your calorie burning process and also shows the amount of calorie intake in your meal. Seeing the real amount of calories in your food intake will make you reduce it and shift to less calorie diet.

In case if any other online mode has helped you in losing weight, then do write to me in comments. I will be glad to publish them.

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