Weight Loss Techniques Based on Your Blood Group

Are you making all your best attempts to lose weight and still finding it difficult? In spite of diet control and exercises, you are able to lose enough?

When you are not able to lose weight when compared to the efforts that you are putting, you get disappointed. You blame your genes and your luck. And probably this stress will further add few more pounds on your body.

Weight Loss Techniques Based on Your Blood Group

I bet you might not have tried these weight loss techniques based on your blood group that surely show results. Your blood reacts differently to the food you eat in accordance to your blood group. Here is a quick diet chart on what to include in your meals and what should be kept away from your plate based on your blood group.

Following are the weight loss techniques based on your blood group to achieve the maximum amount of pound loss:

Blood group AType A Blood Group

Those with Blood group A must consume more of vegetables and avoid red meat in their meal. The excess consumption of red meat reduces the insulin sensitivity required to digest glucose. Otherwise, your body will get prone to diabetes and obesity. The intake of vegetarian diet lowers the cholesterol level and balances your low-density cholesterol with the high-density cholesterol. For the people with Blood group A, red meat will create an adverse impact on their bodies higher than other blood groups.

Type B Blood GroupBlood Group B

People having Type B ., blood group can consume meat and vegetables, but they should be away from pork and chicken. Though in general, it is the red meat that adds a pound, but in case of blood group Type B people, it is the chicken that contributes 40% more weight gain. Those from Type B blood group should also reduce the consumption of wheat. The wheat contains a higher volume of carbohydrates along with a compound called, gluten. This combination causes the fat tissues and cells to give up their capacity to reduce fat and thus lead to weight gain.

Blood group ABType AB Blood Group

As the name indicates, Type AB is the combination of both the groups and therefore the diet of such blood group people also forms the mix of both the groups A and B. They can include vegetables and dairy products like milk, curd, tofu, etc. as well as beans, grains, and seafood in their diet. As we know that the fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, it will increase the high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood and tackle the problems of high triglyceride levels. High-density lipoprotein cholesterol is considered to be good cholesterol required in our body.

Other food products like chicken, beef, corn and kidney beans should be avoided. Fructose which is a type of sugar allows the fat formation in the body, around the organs of your abdomen. It is found in corn which causes rapid weight gain. Kidney beans are rich in calories. One cup of kidney beans consist of 620 calories and therefore, their intake should be restricted to avoid weight gain due to excess calories.

Type O Blood GroupBlood group O

Type O Blood Group people should consume animal protein in abundance, like meat, poultry and seafood, and vegetables to a certain extent. They must restrict their diet on dairy products, grains, and legumes. Type O people must keep a watch on the intake of iron, especially women. It is important for them to maintain the levels of serum ferritin, otherwise, the iron levels will increase in the blood which will make you prone to type-2 diabetes.

Having more of animal protein and vegetables. raises the energy level among type O people. Their metabolism will improve with animal protein intake and will result in longer satiating effect when compared to carbohydrates.


So this time before you give up on your weight loss program, follow your diet in accordance to your blood group. If you have tried this, do comment your experiences. Would be glad to publish them.


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