10 Benefits of Sudarshan Kriya Including Relief from Stress & Anxiety

Are you stressed and is looking for a solution to feel better?

Are you depressed and is seeking a happy life?

Stress, depression, anxiety, tension, etc are all the effects of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. To overcome all these mental illness, we rely on medicines and other practices that prove to be harmful after a certain age. Instead, it is always advisable to adopt natural healing processes which have been defined by ancient yogic science. Among the few practices, the most effective is Sudarshan Kriya.

What is Sudarshan Kriya?

Sudarshan Kriya is the process of purifying oneself, where ‘Su’ means Proper and ‘Darshan’ means Vision. The Kriya helps you in attaining proper vision by purifying your thoughts, energies and body. It is related to controlling the breathing pattern to calm the speed. By slowing down your breath, one experiences the release of blockages in the nerves and the immune system, as well as relief from the psychological problems.

Benefits of Sudarshan Kriya
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In a study performed at Harvard Medical College, Sudarshan Kriya proved to be effective in dealing with anxiety and depression. With a growing population, complex lifestyle and a lot of tensions, this yogic practice can help in releasing negativity and gaining a positive attitude towards life. The method is inexpensive and has many favourable effects on our mind and body.

Benefits of Sudarshan Kriya:

  1. It removes blockages of emotions and releases your mind from any suppressed feelings.
  2. It boosts energy and improves immunity.
  3. It improves the functioning of different organs and reduces cholesterol levels.
  4. Very importantly it reduces depression, stress and anxiety.
  5. It also helps you in overcoming sleeping disorders.
  6. It enhances your creativity and improves brain functioning.
  7. It helps you in complete relaxation and thereby you can achieve inner peace.
  8. It strengthens your mind to deal with unforeseen traumas or losses.
  9. It increases your confidence levels and efficiency too.
  10. It helps you becoming more patient and reacting positively to the situation.

The simple breathing Sudarshan Kriya is a boon to our body and mind and is inexpensive too. Will you join me in practising this yogic exercise from today onwards? Do share your experiences too.

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