Cervical Spondylitis – 5 Symptoms & 5 Exercises for Instant Relief

Cervical Spondylitis is one of the critical disc related pain which happens due to wear and tear of the bones, joints and discs in the neck. Earlier it used to be age-related but today even students are found to be affected because of this. The discs located in the cervical spine lose their fluid and becomes stiff which causes pain and discomfort.

Reasons for Cervical Spondylitis

  • Excess of physical burden on the spine, back or neck
  • Lack of proper sleep or improper sleeping positions
  • Reading or writing for long hours
  • Sitting in the same position while working on a desktop or laptop for more than 2 hours
  • Improper sitting position while working on a desk
  • Improper walking or standing for long hours
  • Wearing long heels and feeling discomfort because of it
  • Lifting heavy weights regularly

Courtesy : PixabayCervical spondylosis does not outgrow in a single day. A patient will initially feel discomfort in hand movement or neck movement. It is important to understand the symptoms of cervical spondylitis so that it can be treated at the right time to avoid disability.

5 Symptoms of Cervical Spondylitis

Headache starting from the neck

Usually, any headache starts from the temple area or the forehead, but if it is due to cervical spondylosis, the pain will begin from the base of the neck. Though by massaging on the neck and on the forehead you might feel temporary relief but the pain may provoke again with deeper intensity. Spondylitis pain

Pain & stiffness in the neck

This is one of the common symptoms where a nagging pain triggers around your neck. You may also experience stiffness in the affected area when you wake up in the morning. This gets intense with every passing day.

Pain in the right arm or shoulder

Many people also feel pain in the right arm as well as in the shoulders. This pain spread from the neck to the head and back to shoulders and arms.

Lack of coordination while walking

If you have cervical spondylitis you may feel problem in balancing while walking. You may face difficulty to stand from the sitting position or may not be able to coordinate with your body while walking and loses balance. If you are experiencing all or few of the above symptoms, then delay no further and consult a doctor. Cervical spondylitis is treatable and more than medication, you will feel relieved with few exercises.

Simple exercises to treat cervical spondylosis

Neck rotation exercise for spondylitis

Sit on a chair and keep your spine erect. Slowly turn your head to one side so that the ear touches the shoulder. Now start moving your head in a clockwise direction for 5 times. Similarly, move your head in the anti-clockwise direction for the same number of times. Initially, move it slowly for a few days and slowly increase the pace.

Spondylitis pain
Courtesy: Pexels

Neck extension exercise for spondylitis

Sit on a chair with an erect spine. Hold your neck with one hand from the back of it so that your palm is placed at the base of the head. Now push your neck firmly so that your hand should bend forward. Bend it to the extent you feel a slight tug in your neck. By applying similar resistance with your head, try to push the palm back till your head reaches the same position.

Neck bending exercise for spondylitis

Take your right hand over your head and cover the left ear. Steadily push the head to the right side by applying little pressure from your hand. Move it till you feel comfortable. Repeat the same exercise with your other hand too. Ensure that you should sit in a chair or stand in an erect position.

Spondylitis pain
Courtesy: Pixabay

Arms stretch exercise for spondylitis

Stand straight and open your arms on the sides. Stretch them so that even the palm gets opened. Now bend your palm from the wrist in the upward direction. Apply little pressure and stretch them further. Hold your arms in this position for few seconds and release them back to their comfortable position. Repeat this exercise 10 times and you will feel instant relief from the pain.

Palm pressing exercise for spondylitis

In a standing position, bring your right palm under your armpit and press it between your left arm and armpit. Hold it there for a few seconds. Release the palm and repeat the exercise with the left hand. Cervical spondylosis if not treated on time may lead to paralysis. Ensure that you share all your symptoms with the doctor and if required consult physiotherapist too. If you are suffering from cervical spondylitis and is practising any other therapy that has relieved you from the pain, do write to me. Will be glad to read from you.

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