8 Things That You Must Not Do During Periods

Mood swings, raising tempers, craving for ice creams, sudden fits of tears, huuu.. Relax! Your periods are expected. The worst time of every month, isn’t it?

Periods are of course unavoidable. But there are certain things you should avoid doing them during periods to reduce worsening the situation.

1. Waxing

Your skin becomes tender during periods and so waxing during periods may loosen the skin. And also waxing is painful and so your periods are. Instead of taking painful things together, postpone visiting the salon for one more week.

Pain during periods
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2. Starving

Menstruation makes you weak as you bleed a lot and avoiding food may tell upon your health. Starving during periods is not a good idea as it may immediately put on to acidity.

3. Sweet cravings

Cravings for sweet or ice cream is common during menstruation time. But remember that calories are countable during periods too. The more you gain during periods, you will have to put that extra effort to lose again.

4. Smoking

Smoking worsens menstruation cramps. So it is advisable to stay away from cancer sticks when in periods. Smoking is anyhow bad for health, before, after or during menstruation.

5. Drinking

Drinking in moderation during periods time is ok. But drinking excess may lead to severe cramps. Liquor also boosts your mood swings and tempers. So stay away if you want to balance yourself during menstruation time.

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6. Unprotected Sex

Though the chances of pregnancy during periods are less or almost nil, unprotected sex may lead to infections. It is better to avoid sex during menstruation as sex will stimulate your energy which you are already lacking due to bleeding.

7. Wearing the same pad

Though few sanitary brands assure that the pad can be used through the day, but using the pad for longer time increases the chances of infection and ovary cancer. The pads should be changed every 7-8 hours or lesser than that depending upon the flow.

8. Over cleaning

‘Vagina is a self-cleaning oven!’ Strange but true. Cleaning your vagina repeatedly during periods may kill the good bacteria that helps with the dryness as given by the pads.

We hope that these listed points may help you in sailing through your menstruation pain every month. We would like to hear from you too. do share in comments If you think any other thing that should be avoided during periods.

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