Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to weight loss, people follow all sorts of crazy techniques. But they often forget the basic tips that make a lot of difference in your weight loss program. Here, we are advising you with the simple weight loss tips that can help you in losing easily without putting many efforts:

Exercise daily:

Make a habit of exercising daily and you will notice a gradual reduction in the overall weight. Exercising can be of any type, like yoga, walking, jogging, sports, etc. It has been observed that a 30-minute walk can reduce your belly fat up to one inch every month.

Yoga / exercise for weight loss tips

Water therapy:

This is a very simple therapy for losing weight. All that you need to do is drink a lot of water especially a glass-full before meals. Water boosts your metabolism by 30% and helps you in burning few more calories.

Eat healthy breakfast:

Breakfast is must when you want to reduce weight. People who tend to skip breakfast tend to lose less weight than who have their breakfast daily. Your breakfast should include healthy meal like eggs, fruits, bread and peanut butter, juices, sandwich, idli, etc.

Drink green tea:

Green tea has powerful antioxidants that are good for health especially when someone wants to lose weight.

Take black coffee:

Black coffee has numerous health benefits and the caffeine will help in boosting metabolism by 10% leading to extra fat burning. Make sure not to add sugar to your coffee as this will negate the benefit that you can avail from it.

black coffee for weight loss tips

Use coconut oil for cooking:

Coconut oil is high in fats like triglycerides which boost metabolism by 120 calories every day. These fats reduce appetite and thus cut-off your calorie intake per day.

Eat less refined carbs:

Usually, grains or sugars which have been stripped of their fibrous are considered as refined carbohydrates. Examples of refined carbs are pasta, bread, etc. Such refined carbs increase cravings and food intake too. Hence, if you want to eat refined carbohydrates then take them with their natural fibres.

Use smaller plates:

Play with your mind and use smaller plates while serving your meals. It has been observed that when you opt for the small plate you will ultimately serve yourself less meal. This way your food intake and calorie intake will reduce.

Exercise portion control:

Practising Portion control is very useful because it develops awareness within you about your eating habits. When you track your calorie intake or note them daily in your diary, you will be aware of the food you are eating. It helps you in understanding where and how you can cut your calories.

Keep healthy food handy:

As we believe that we should keep things handy to pick them up when in need while working, we must also keep healthy food handy so that when hungry we can grab them easily. Healthy snacks like fruits, nutribars, a handful of nuts, yoghurt, eggs, carrots, sprouts, etc. can be had whenever you feel hungry.

healthy food

Eat more fibre:

Fibres are calorie cutters, in a way that, they don’t carry high carbs and fill your tummy without calories. Fibre-rich fruits like watermelon etc. can be had in large quantities at any time.

Work on food addiction:

If you are a food addict then whatever efforts you do, won’t help. When you keep getting food cravings, you won’t be able to control yourself. To give up on food addiction, consult a specialist.

Eat spicy foods:

Spicy foods boost metabolism and reduce appetite to a certain extent.

Eat more proteins:

Though many suggest that proteins will cut your body fats, but I would rather suggest not to exceed its intake to a large extent. It is always advisable to consult a nutritionist to understand the levels of protein intake as the excess consumption may lead to kidney problems.

Brush your teeth after dinner:

It has been observed that brushing your teeth after dinner will reduce your late-night snack temptation to a lot.

Chew food slowly:

Chewing slowly produces hormones linked to weight loss. Your brain takes few extra seconds to confirm that you had enough food.

Don’t drink calories:

Sugar is bad and in the liquid form, it is more dangerous. Don’t drink aerated juices, mocktails, or any sugar-sweetened beverages as they solely result in 60% increase in obesity. This applies to packed fruit juices also which contain an equal amount of sugar and calories as that of aerated drinks. Better to eat whole fruit in their natural form and avoid juices.

aerated drinks

Sleep tight:

Lack of sleep leads to obesity and weight gain. It also leads to other health-related issues like acidity, indigestion, constipation, etc. that will directly or indirectly affect your eating habits. The result being, abruptly weight gain.

Don’t diet:

Last but not least is not to diet but in turn eat healthy food. Dieting will reduce your energy levels and soon you will start feeling low and weak. Instead, eat healthy food which contains fewer calories which will fill your stomach and also supply required energy to your body.

Weight loss should be constructed as a natural habit and not for temporary purpose.